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About Psychic Alise

Psychic Alise

Alise knew from a very young age she was different. She remembers seeing her first ghost when she was around 4 years old at a cemetery on St. Simon’s Island off the coast of Georgia. At the age of 6 her family moved to a haunted house south of Atlanta. This house had all of the signs such as cold spots, footsteps in the dining room, doors opening and shutting by themselves and best of all the security alarm going off at 3:00 am every morning even though it was not activated.

As she grew older she began to recognize she had a “knowing” others did not possess.  She knew when someone was going to call her home and what song would play next on the radio. She was very interested in holistic and metaphysical subjects, and started visiting psychics in her 20s.  She accepted the fact she possessed certain gifts but did not give any thought to doing readings for others until many years later. She has worked in the holistic field for over 15 years for a metaphysical magazine. Working with psychics and healers in this capacity helped her hone her own skills as a reader. In fact, she attributes her holistic family for pushing her out of the nest to read professionally.

Alise is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and a psychic empath.  Her tools of choice are tarot and dowsing.  She combines these with her intuitive gifts to give a well-rounded and complete psychic reading on love, career, spiritual growth and other topics of interest.

What People are Saying

“She makes me laugh” | “Scary accurate” | “She calms me when I’m anxious”

“I might not always like what she says, but she’s always right” | “Listen to her, she’s incredible”

“She gives me perspectives I would never consider” | “Always fair”

“That darned Alise, she told me this would happen” | “I’m a psychic, and she’s the one I GO to for readings!”

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