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How to NOT Get What You Want

Are you tired of all the self-help books and articles out there telling you to do this or do that for health, wealth and happiness? Do you sit there and roll your eyes and eat bonbons while you are reading these things, thinking "yeah right, what do they know?" All the while longing for something more but never achieving it? Here's how to continue NOT getting what you want.

Keep blaming everyone and everything else for your unhappiness, failures, feelings of being stuck, etc. As long as we sit in our victimhood we don't have to do anything to make ourselves better. It's not our fault we didn't get that promotion, new job, a second date with Mr./Ms. Wonderful. It's the boss's fault he doesn't see my brilliance, or why bother applying for that new job when there is always someone more experienced, talented, related to the decision maker, or who wants a second date with so-and-so. It would never work out because I always get hurt in the long run.

Let fear keep you frozen in place. Overthink everything that could possibly go wrong. Embrace every worst case scenario to the point you are so exhausted that what once seemed like a good idea is now too much work to even consider anymore.

Keep letting your past dictate your present. So your boyfriend in first grade broke your heart, and now you will never find love. Your childhood was horrible. Every time you've trusted someone they have disappointed you. So your past has been a disappointment therefore you will ALWAYS be disappointed. Why give the effort when you've always failed before?

Keep looking for people, places, and things to make you happy. Expect others to validate your worthiness at all times to make you feel better about yourself. When they don't, lay the blame of your unhappiness at their feet. (Refer to above).

Never EVER take responsibility for your own actions or choices. If you do that means you would actually have to admit you have some say so in your success or failure. It also means you have the ability to change your way of looking at your life.

Keep doing what you've been doing. It hasn't worked so far, but hey, change is hard and scary. Why do something that possibly could fail when you know exactly how things will turn out with what you've doing now? Life is what it is, right?

Keep expecting to fail, be unhappy and unsatisfied. It's what you know.

Everyone knows what they don't want. They've learned this from all of the reasons I have recounted above. The simple fact is you will continue to feeling lack because you're feeding lack in your life. What you allow continues. So if that's what you want, you're actually being successful.

Carry on!


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