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Self-Censored No More

I love writing. I love reading. I love the sharing of thoughts and the stories that people tell. Up until a few years ago I used to write articles on a regular basis. I stopped writing when the Great Mass Division begin in our society. I call it the Great Mass Division or GMD for short because that was when social media and the MSM began dividing us in their attempt to control the masses and society. As an empath the past few years have been heartbreaking because of the continuous fighting and maligning of people places and things that are not part of the new status quo. The news is no longer the news but what networks and sites want us to believe. They are now only opinions while also trying to massacre anyone who does not march lockstep with those beliefs. We are bombarded by the worst of the worst and told this is the norm and not the exception. Chaos and violence are being allowed while the people we elect turn the other way because they (the “peaceful protesters/vandals”) are a means to an end for inciting more division. We have outside influences who are bankrolling this division while profiting off the chaos.

It appears our society today chooses to be offended about something/anything to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. In a society that claims they want tolerance what you are really getting is one that says do as I say or else. The maligned have become the maligners, seeking payback for the “pain” they had to endure at those who are less woke than them. The irony is they are doing to others exactly what was done to them. Compassion and empathy have left the building. The US and THEM chasm are widening. The ability or desire to TALK to one another has disappeared.

Blind obedience is not okay. Whatever happened to critical thinking skills and the freedom to agree or disagree with several points of view at one time? The GMD does not allow for any deviation from what the elites want us to absorb as fact. Even when proven false, these same people do not admit they were wrong but castigate us for even questioning their actions in the first place. Politics is now a blood sport where We the People no longer matters. The money spent on this past election cycle could feed and house the homeless here as well as rebuild neighborhoods destroyed by drugs and violence. The money could pay teachers and first responders more instead of paying for commercials and ads that sow the seeds of discontent. People in Power are making sure they stay there.

Ask yourself these questions~~

Do you know the names of your locally elected officials? I mean city county and state officials. This includes your Board of Education members too!

How long have these officials been in office? New? Years? Decades? If years or decades, what has changed in a positive way since they were first elected? If nothing, then why the hell are people still electing them?

How many of these elected officials promised “change” and the only change was the increase in their bank accounts? You might also want to take a closer look at what lobbying groups have donated religiously to them.

Most importantly ask your Board of Education why they are no longer running a curriculum based on college prep, technical or trades instead of pushing tests scores? What happened to all the money the Federal government has allocated for better education? Why has Civics and critical thinking skills been removed from classes today?

And most importantly, why are schools and universities applauding governments who are equal rights violators and totalitarian societies controlled unilaterally by government agencies?

These governments and those bankrolling the divisive rhetoric common on today’s “news” channels are giddy with happiness that we are allowing the cancer they have planted in our democratic countries to fester. Their governments are all about their countries first at whatever cost and sugarcoating their tactics with promises of free, free, free! Nothing is ever free especially freedom.

I hope that we can forge a better path of communication and learn compromise again. I hope we can show common courtesy to everyone and stop this Cancel Culture mentality. I pray we can find BALANCE again and know what works for people in New York or California might not work for people in the Midwest or Southern States. Let us reclaim our individual strengths and bring those to our collective table for a better Union. Let us use money for better education for everyone including tutoring if needed and more trade schools for those who do not want to go to college. Let us become We the People again instead of allowing people who are put in power by special interest groups to do their bidding. Most importantly, let us embrace our country again with love and respect, and if you do not feel that then ask yourself what needs to change in your immediate community to feel those positive feelings.

Our world today is not helpless or hopeless unless we allow it to be. I stopped writing because I was told readers would be upset about what I wanted to say, or my writings could be misconstrued. I censored myself. How many others out there are censoring themselves because we are now being controlled by the bully pulpit who is pointing fingers at others for causing the problems when they are the ones stirring the pot. They have become the Pied Piper unless we all break away from the spell of control and conformity. I know we will not all always agree but I truly believe we are less divided than social media and the Great Mass Dividers want us to believe! Question your leaders’ motives and agendas, and always hold them accountable. They are people just like us and should be held accountable for their behavior. We should all be Purple instead of just Blue or just Red. Think about that…

Infinite blessings All…


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