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The Power of The Tower

We have all been there. Everything that can go wrong DOES. Whether in our personal or professional life one problem or issue keeps piling onto itself until everything collapses into what appears to be one big chaotic mess. Congratulations! You have been Towered!

“Why me?” you ask. “I’m a good person” you say. “I’m cursed” is another complaint. The truth is the Tower is the destiny card that makes change happen when you don’t do it yourself. Granted we have many warnings or signs that signal that change is needed in some or many areas of our life. (The Strength card in a reading is one sign!) Let’s face it, many of us do not like change or hope that a bad or difficult situation will just magically improve all on its own. Without some type of action on our part it rarely if ever does!

But the Tower doesn’t symbolize catastrophe even though it may initially feel like it does.

What the Tower represents is out with the old outdated belief systems, feelings, habits, and yes, even relationships/work/friendships so you can build a more perfect foundation of the life you truly want to live. So, stop ignoring the signs or feelings of unhappiness and/or discontent, and open your eyes to the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you in the most synchronistic ways. Take that leap of faith (the Fool card) into your destiny! In hindsight, you will be glad you did.


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