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Waiting For Someone Else to Change by Psychic Alise

What do you get when you wait around for a person to change their ways that are hurtful to you? Absolutely nothing. When we enter into relationships we have tendency to see the very best in the other person. We also have the inclination to ignore those little red flags of rudeness, disrespect, and even indifference because we so want to believe those indicators are aberrations and not the true personality of that person.

The truth is we are to blame when a person we care about repeats a pattern of bad behavior. The first time a behavior is shown we will probably let it slide. If it is repeated that is the time to bring the behavior to the person’s attention. Once again and you get mad but don’t show any consequences for such behavior then you are not only allowing the actions to continue but are condoning said conduct. By showing you accept these actions without repercussions the other person has no reason to treat you better. In their mind they believe you are okay with them.

What if the person is showing their true personality? Well, you need to take a good look at why you are still in a situation to be mistreated. If you allow mistreatment or abuse to yourself, then that problem lies completely at your doorstep. A mistake repeated is a choice, and you allowing a continuance of the relationship places the spotlight on you. Why are you letting someone hurt you on a regular basis? Why do you continue to believe the person will miraculously wake up one day and treat you better when in all actuality the situation is worsening? Why do you believe you can make the situation better when everything you do is met with indifference or contempt?

The simple truth is people don’t change unless they see the merit of change. There has to be a positive reward for them to change. A lot of people won’t change their ways because they’re perfectly happy with their status quo. So if you want to see change in your relationship with another person then you are the one who is going to have to change YOUR behavior.

When another person ignores the way you feel with their attitude toward you then you need to respect yourself and walk away. Words obviously haven’t worked so don’t bother trying to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. Be brave, love yourself more, and show yourself the respect and honor you deserve by ending a no-win situation. Use this experience to grow and to never accept such treatment ever again. Yes it will be difficult, but not any more difficult than being consistently hurt and disappointed.

So what do you receive when change yourself for the better? Endless possibilities and opportunities!

Infinite blessings my friends.


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