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“What’s The Point?” by Psychic Alise

Someone I read for asked me recently that exact question. This person has been challenged by physical and emotional concerns since the first time I spoke with her years ago. Although blessed in many ways, this person seems to question her right for happiness in her life. For that reason she will sabotage relationships, whether platonic or romantic, whenever she feels unworthy. She has even tried to push me away on several occasions when I have struck a nerve in her psyche.

The truth is we have all asked ourselves that same question at some point in our lives. I admit I have asked it myself numerous times, and in fact, relatively recently. Living is challenging at the best of times, and there are no guarantees for love, happiness, success, and abundance. Human emotions have no algorithms or play books to live by. In fact, most of the time life just doesn’t make sense! We think we know something or someone will react in a preconceived way and then, BAM, they will do something completely unexpected. How we respond to the unanticipated defines who we are.

So the answer to the question is WE are the point. Individually we are our own point. It is our job, even our duty, to discover how to be the very best person we can possibly be. Not for the approval or for the expectations of others but for ourselves. Looking to others to make us happy is a recipe for disaster, failure and continued disappointment and unhappiness. Happiness from another is like a drug addiction. We love the high we get when this person or thing does something that makes us forget for just a few moments about the responsibilities we carry in everyday life. We want this euphoric feeling again so much we go back and try to recreate what was actually a spontaneous event. The problem is we cannot force happiness from the outside no matter how hard we try. When we can’t, feelings of hurt, anger and resentment set in because now the person or thing that has made us feel “happy” for a moment has failed us.

So, the point to finding what makes us happy is fully acknowledging what it is we truly want, and then make the necessary adjustments in ourselves to get it. Many things and many people can take part in this happiness journey, but ultimately the outside sharing of happiness and joy is a by-product of how we have achieved our inner contentment.

And finally admitting to ourselves how we are ultimately responsible for our satisfaction shows great maturity and enlightenment within ourselves. Free will gives us the ability to make or break any situation. We really do choose our own lives. Your own dedication to yourself and what you achieve and work for is your path to happiness. If you are unhappy right now, look in the mirror and ask why you are doing what you are doing and allowing yourself to be this way. Then take the initiative, one baby step at a time, to make changes. Yes it is scary, but not nearly as scary as doing nothing, blaming others or dying bitter.

Our inner peace, happiness, love and joy is, at the end of the day, the only point! Be accountable for yourself always, and live the life you truly want to live. Determine what you do want by learning from your experiences showing you what you don’t want. Life truly is your best teacher.


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