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Schedule a Reading with Alise

How to Schedule a Reading

Psychic Wisdom Now has variable rates available for your convenience in addition to allowing you to pick the time of your appointment.

To schedule a reading, follow the prompts on the scheduler to the right. If this is your first reading with Psychic Alise, please take advantage of the reduced rates located at the bottom of the first pane in the scheduler. Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive both an email and text message reminder for the reading.


At the time of your appointment, call Psychic Alise toll-free at 1(844)-215-0810.


If you are in need of a reading at a time that is not allocated on Alise’s schedule please send us an email at  She will try to accommodate you if at all possible.


New Client Special: An introductory offer for people who want to try out Psychic Alise for the first time at the reduced rate of $2/minute. Subsequent readings charged at the Existing Client rate.

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